Student Attendance Policy

Students are expected to be in attendance on all days and hours that school is in session. Absence from school restricts and inhibits the student's ability to complete the prescribed curriculum requirements. It also violates New Jersey State Law, which requires students to attend school regularly. The law states:

Every parent, guardian or other person having custody and control of a child between the ages of six (6) and sixteen (16) years shall cause such child regularly to attend the public schools for children of similar grades and attainments or to receive instruction elsewhere than at school (18A: 38-25).

Such regular attendance shall be during all the days and hours that the public schools are in session in the school district, unless it is shown to the satisfaction of the Board of Education that the mental condition of the child is such that he cannot benefit from instruction in the school or that the bodily condition of the child is such as to prevent his attendance at school, but nothing herein shall be construed as permitting the temporary or permanent exclusion from school by the Board of Education of any district of any child between the ages of 5 and 20, except as explicitly otherwise provided by law (18A-38:25 -26).

School attendance is the responsibility of the student and the parents. The student who absents himself/herself from school/class impedes and complicates the teaching-learning process.

The Board of Education neither condones nor permits absences from school for any reason not specified in the law, and course credit will not be issued if the student attendance requirement is not met. This may affect eligibility for graduation.


Absences fall into two categories: Excused and Unexcused


(1) Professional note (i.e. doctor, dentist, lawyer, etc.);

(2)For seniors and second semester juniors: Dated letter from a college (on the school’s letterhead) verifying a visitation (requires three (3) days advance notice to the guidance department);

(3) Religious holiday, as prescribed by state law and verified by a parental note prior to the date of the absence;

(4) Death in the family verified by a parental note;

(5) Illness as verified by a parent/guardian phone call before 10 a.m.;
NOTE: As an additional measure, the school will activate the Honeywell Instant Alert System after 10 a.m. to verify all student absences with a parent/guardian each day

(6) Note from the Motor Vehicle Agency verifying that a driving test was taken (half day only);

(7) Administrative reasons such as school sponsored events, home instruction and out of school suspension; these absences will be recorded but will not count toward the student’s total number of absences.


(1)Parent/guardian is not aware of the absence/truant
(2)Class cut
(3)A note is presented that is not acceptable to the administration

Parents/guardians, guidance counselors, and the Child Study Team will be notified of a student's absences following the third (3) absence in a nine-week/marking period course, the sixth (6) absence in a semester course, and the twelfth (12) absence in a full-year course.

Whenever a student misses 50% or more of a class period, it constitutes an absence from class. These absences will be categorized as excused or unexcused based on the definitions above.


Students with the following total absences (excused and unexcused) will be subject to loss of credit in a course:

Students who miss more than five (5) classes in a nine-week/marking period course, more than nine (9) classes in a semester course, more than eighteen (18) classes in a year course or six (6) absences in any semester or full year course during the fourth marking period.
Parents/guardians will be notified of a student's loss of course credit. Guidance counselors and the Child Study Team will also be notified.


The Administration will consider requests for appeals when absences are the result of long term or chronic illness or extenuating family circumstances. Requests for appeals must be made in writing to the administration within ten (10) days of notification of the loss of credit. The student and parent/guardian will present the case to an Attendance Review Committee (ARC). The ARC will then render a decision and may impose additional restorative processes.

Appeal Process Guidelines:

1. A written request to appeal must be submitted to the Vice Principal, within ten (10) school days following receipt of notice.
2. The Appeal Review Committee will schedule a formal meeting.
3. The student and parent/guardian must be present at the appeal.
4. The ARC will evaluate all information and documentation on an individual basis.
5. All decisions will be rendered in writing within ten (10) schools days of the appeal hearing.


A student may make up work following any excused absence. Upon returning to school after an excused absence, the student will have one (1) day for each day of absence to make up work unless the student makes other arrangements with his/her teachers.
Last Modified on July 17, 2013