Our objective: to complete an installation of a multi-purpose turf field at DVRHS by the spring of 2022.

    Delaware Valley Regional High School is one of only a handful of New Jersey high schools that does not have a turf field.  Statistics abound that show turf fields are safer on students, give sports programs a competitive advantage by providing more practice opportunities, and are environmentally safer and cheaper to maintain than natural grass. The value of turf, however, goes beyond sports.  Having a multi-purpose turf field would allow our marching band and other music ensembles to practice and host competitions. Outside physical education class days would be greatly increased with a drier, safer field.  Finally, large events such as graduation, student orientations, and community days would not be impacted due to field conditions.

    In the 2019/2020 school year, a group of interested community members approached the Board of Education to request an opportunity to investigate the viability of a capital project to install a multi-purposes turf field at the high school. As a result, the Ad Hoc Turf Committee was created. The Committee was underway, when our progress was halted in March 2020 by the State of Emergency and COVID-19.

    To say that 2020/2021 has been a challenging year for us is an understatement.  No one could have predicted how the lives of so many would be changed with the outbreak of a Pandemic.  Delaware Valley Regional High School is no exception to this scenario.  Our physical education program, school sports, band competitions and other activities which draw large crowds were greatly impacted and, in many cases, grinded to a halt.  With the rollout of the COVID vaccine, and relaxation of the social distancing recommendations we see a “light at the end of the tunnel,” and the Committee is once again back to work on this initiative.

    The costs for such a project are expected to exceed $1,000,000. The Board of Education has committed $200,000 of its Capital Reserve specifically to this project. It is important to note Capital Reserve funds cannot be used to support the general operating budget, and are used to cover the costs of capital projects without impacting the tax levy.

    With a price tag that size, financing a multi-purpose turf field is our biggest challenge.  Delaware Valley does not qualify for the state grant funding that has supported up to 75% of the cost of many New Jersey high school turf fields because of our rural designation.

    As such, we have embarked upon a three-pronged approach to finance this project.  First, as previously mentioned, the school board has committed funds specifically set aside for capital improvements and continues to pursue grants for which we may qualify to apply.  Second, the school community and its impacted organizations (sports and performing arts boosters etc.) will be conducting fundraising events, though currently, these activities are quite limited due to the impact of COVID-19.  Lastly is you, our local community, business and corporate, and alumni sponsors. 

    We need your help to turn our vision into a reality. Won't you consider becoming a sponsor or donating to our cause? If so, please visit our sponsor page (minimum sponsorship of $100) and/or our donor page (no minimum donation).

    Please check back frequently for updates!


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