TITAN is the point of sale (POS) system used in the KTS Cafeteria. ID cards will be issued to each student and all purchases (lunch, snack & milk) will require the use of the ID card or student ID number.  Students will simply swipe their card & use their pre-paid account funds or pay with cash.  Funds can be put onto a student’s account by creating an online account or by sending in payment to the KTS cafeteria. To create an online account, log onto  LINQ CONNECT & register for this service. (You will need your student’s ID number to register.)  Registration is free to the site and provides you with access to the student’s lunchroom balance and meal history, offers e-mail notification when the account balance drops below a limit that you set.  There is a minimal fee attached to the online payment option. 

    NOTE: Previous balances from the prior payment system (K12 payment center) have been carried over to the current payment system. The online payment option has a minimal fee attached to it (paying by credit card or monthly auto pay). You may still continue to mail and/or fund meal accounts by cash or check with no fee attached. Checks should be made payable to KTS BOE.

    If you have any questions, please contact Michele McCann, School Business Administrator @ mmccann@kingwoodschool.org or (908)996-2941x516


    updated 10/13/2023