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    Subject Area: Language Arts (5th & 8th Grades)
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         I am so excited to be your child's Language Arts teacher for the 2019-2020 school year!   Here is a little information about myself. I am looking forward to beginning my twelfth year teaching in Alexandria Township.  Prior to having my children, I taught at Cedar Hill Elementary School located in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.  My husband and I live in Bethlehem Township and have two wonderful children, Caroline (age 18) and Mikey (age 14).  My family and I also have a cat named Sunshine and a dog named Pepper (see photo above!)  In my spare time, I enjoy running, coaching, and reading.    



    This year in Language Arts, we will be following the Reader's Workshop and Writer's Workshop models of instruction.  A typical class period will consist of the following format:

    Warm-up Message (approximately 5 minutes): The message will consist of a "Do Now" activity and will  introduce a new skill or vocabulary word.  It will also state the focus of the day's lesson.

    Read-aloud or Mini- Lesson (approximately 15 minutes): Students will be taught a comprehension or writing skill using a mentor text.  Strategies will be presented to help the student achieve the desired learning target.

    Independent Practice &/or Small Group Instruction (approximately 30-35 minutes): Students will work on  the skill(s) being addressed either alone or with team members using authentic texts; small group instruction will also be conducted to address a specific area of need.

    Reflection/Share Time (approximately 5 minutes): Students will reflect upon their learning and share strategies, discoveries, achievements, and challenges. 





    • Student Expectations- Students are expected to behave in a respectful manner and to actively contribute to his/her team's learning community.  For 5th grade, if a student needs frequent reminding regarding how to behave appropriately, the child will be asked to complete a "Think About Form".   This will give the student an opportunity to reflect upon his/her behavior and to think about how he/she can behave appropriately. If the inappropriate behavior continues, the “Think About Form” will be sent home for a family's review.  In more severe cases,  a district disciplinary form may be filed. For eighth graders, the district disciplinary form will be completed and sent to the main office for the principal's review.  In addition, the student's family will be notified of the misbehavior.


    •  Independence/Organization/Responsibility- During the course of the year, students will learn to become more independent and responsible learners. This includes becoming accountable for actions, setting goals, and seeking answers to questions. In addition, students will be guided to keep materials/assignments organized in their ELA binder and reading journal. Students will also be encouraged to take the initiative to receive extra help if the need should arise. All homework assignments will be posted on our classroom whiteboard as well as on the Team 5 & Team 8 Calendar pages. Most homework assignments will be due on Tuesdays & Thursdays. 


    • Communication- Communication between teachers and families is key. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. The best way to contact me is via email (I check my email frequently, both day and night!) My email address is: petrie@alexandriaschools.org. If you would like to speak with me, please call my extension. I will be sure to return your call as soon as possible. If you need to leave a time sensitive message such as your child's after school arrangements, please contact the main office.





    Unit 1: Narrative (poetry, tall tales, & Greek & Roman mythology)

    Unit 2: Informational (focus on the sinking of the Titanic; negative human impacts on the environment)

    Unit 3: Research (written report & digital presentation focusing on one of the negative human impacts)

    Unit 4: Argumentation (focus on the sinking of the Titanic & who is to blame; opinion articles & writing)

    Unit 5: Visual/Media Literacy (focus on techniques used in advertisements; create own billboard)

    *Students will also read and investigate texts of their choice at their independent reading level.  In addition, students will also participate in activities to further develop their grammar and vocabulary skills. Various opportunities will also be provided for students to work collaboratively in teams, and they will be given various tasks to enhance their speaking, listening, and presentation skills. 

    *For more information on our units of instruction, please see the "Curriculum, Instruction, & Technology" tab on our school website. 5th Grade ELA Curriculum



    • Standards are aligned with the curriculum's units & reporting topics.
    • Scores (1-4) will be assigned based on each student's progress: 4-exceeding expectations; 3-meeting expectations; 2-partially meeting expectations; 1-not meeting expectations.
    • Formative assessments & homework assignments will be entered into Power School for a family's review.


    *LA Resources:



    Newsela newsela.com

    *Students will sign in using their Google Account.  The username is their school email address, and the password is their Apple ID.


    Class Codes: COMING SOON...

    Blue Class: 

    Green Class: 

    Red Class: 




    ReadWorks  readworks.org

    *Students will need to enter their class code & 4-digit lunch ID,  & then select their name to view the current assignments.


    Blue Class: QQN7HC

    Green Class: VECYQG

    Red Class: UTU3SL


    Monday- Music

    Tuesday- Dance

    Wednesday- Technology

    Thursday- Theatre

     Friday- Art





    Unit 1: Narrative (The Outsiders, Edgar Allan Poe, & Twelve Angry Men)

    Unit 2: Informational (focus on Holocaust survivor stories & analyze multiple accounts of the same event)

    Unit 3: Guided Inquiry Research Project (topic will relate to Holocaust readings)

    Unit 4: Argumentation (focus on First Amendment cases & write essays regarding controversial issues)

    Unit 5: Visual/Media Literacy (focus on graphic novels)

    *In addition, students will participate in activities to further develop their grammar and vocabulary skills. Students will also work collaboratively in teams and will be given various opportunities to enhance their speaking, listening, and presentation skills. 

    *For more information on our units of instruction, please see the "Curriculum, Instruction, & Technology" tab on our school website. Eighth ELA Grade Curriculum



    • Name
    • Teacher
    • Subject & Core #
    • Date
    • Title of Assignment



    Tests: 30%

    Quizzes: 25%

    Writing Assignments: 30%

    Classwork & Participation: 5% 

    Homework: 10% (based on point system: 4- complete & on time; 3-1 day late or partially complete; 2-incomplete; 1-not done)





    How to get students to their assignments  


    1. Have students go ReadWorks


    1. Students enter class code: PP3DRP


    1. Students then enter their password (four-digit Student ID #). 
    I am looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year full of learning and growing!  
    Thank you for visiting!