• Welcome to Team 4!
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    Fourth Grade Daily Schedule: 
                                            8:35 - 8:45       Arrival                   
                                            8:45 - 9:15       IFE                       
                                            9:15 - 10:45     Language Arts                 
                                           10:45 - 11:15    Recess & Snack
                                           11:15 - 11:45    Special (Art, Technology, Dance, Music, or Theatre)                                                            11:45 - 12:15    Spanish   
                                           12:15 - 12:45    P.E/Health             
                                           12:45 - 1:15      Lunch
                                            1:15 - 2:15       Math 
                                            2:15 - 3:15       Science/Social Studies
                                            3:15 - 3:30       Closing & Pack up

    Grade 4: Scholastic Reading Club
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    Here's an overview of what we will be learning throughout the course of the year:

    Language Arts 



    During the course of the year, fourth graders will learn to write for different audiences and for different purposes- to persuade, to entertain, and to inform.  They will be taught various types of writing including prose, poetry, and short stories.



    Revising/Editing Tips:


    Here are some skills you can focus on while helping your writer revise and edit his/her work at home:


    • Correct capitalization (beginning of a sentence, proper nouns, pronoun "I")
    • End punctuation
    • Correct spelling for words previously introduced
    • Descriptive vocabulary words
    • Correct tense (past, present, future)
    • Clear sentences that make sense
    • Beginning sentences in different ways
    • Including different types of sentences (exclamatory, declarative, interrogative, & imperative)
    • Strong opening (catches the reader's attention & states the main topic)
    • Strong closing (states a final reflection & leaves the reader wondering)
    Throughout the school year, students will read and study various genres of literature including poetry, realistic fiction, historical fiction, plays, folktales,  and non-fiction (informational text.)  We will be utilizing short stories, picture books, novels, and other reading material to guide instruction, and each unit of study will focus on skills that will enhance reading comprehension and vocabulary development. 
    Students will also use a Reader's Response Journal (RRJ) to make connections to the literature being read.  Students will write detailed responses using the RACES strategy, among others.  



    Fourth grade uses enVision 2.0 to guide our math instruction which includes great digital resources to support student practice at home.  We will be working with many topics in math this year including but not limited to Number Sense, Multiplication, Division, Graphing, Fractions, Probability, and Decimals.  


    Visit some of the following sites for extra help and/or practice!!!







    Social Studies

    • Declaration of Independence
    • Constitution
    • Branches of the Government
    • Geography
    • Economics



    Topics include:
    •Waves and Information
    •Structure, Function and Information Processing
     Engineering Design
    •Earth’s Systems