Little Paws Preschool Open House

     April 22, 2021

    1:15 – 2:00 p.m.

    Little Paws Preschool provides a curriculum aligned with the New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards, as well as utilizing components of the Creative Curriculum.  Structured within a play-based developmentally appropriate environment, our vision is to guide children to their fullest potential by embracing their unique qualities, interests, and abilities.   In our classroom, children will develop positive feelings toward learning and build self-esteem as they engage in play, small group instruction, and large group activities.  The Little Paws Preschool is housed at the Frenchtown Elementary School and offers school-based participation in:  Music, Physical Education, Art, Library and World Language. The Little Paws Preschool program is an inclusive classroom setting and accepts typically developing children and children with mild disabilities.

    Little Paws Preschool is a full day program

    Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 3:10 p.m.

    Please call the main office at

    (908) 996-2751, ext. 7209,

    to register for our open house. 

    Please note that masks and social distancing protocols are required to attend

    Hope to see you there!

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    FES is now accepting applications for our Little Paws Preschool for the 2021-2022 School Year.  Click on the "For Parents" Tab, for an application and program information.  Should you have any questions, please contact the main office at (908) 996-2751, extension 7209. 

    You do not want to miss out on our extraordinary program, so send in your application today!


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    FES 2021-2022

    BOE Approved School Calendar



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  • Dear Frenchtown Families,  
    Please be advised that Hunterdon County has now moved to the High Risk category in the Regional COVID-19 Risk Levels. As of this writing, we plan on remaining open for in-person learning. I would caution everyone that this could change abruptly should the need arise. Again,we are not looking to create panic; we are seeking to inform and advise so that we are prepared for a rapid and possibly extended closure. Please be prepared by bringing your devices, instructional resources, and needed personal belongings home with you each evening.
    Again, you can help us remain open for in-person instruction by staying home when ill, frequently washing your hands, practicing social distancing and wearing your mask.
    The NJ Department of Health Protocols for High Risk Regions:
    In accordance with the Risk Matrix developed by the NJ DOH, the following is recommended for High Risk regions:
    1. Consider implementing fully remote learning.
    2. If schools remain open for in-person learning: 
    • In response to staff or a student who is COVID-19 positive or who has COVID-19 compatible symptoms (not yet tested), follow COVID-19 exclusion criteria; work with the local health department to identify and exclude close contacts according to CDC guidance; refer to guidance on cleaning and disinfection. * Decisions on when ill person’s close contacts can return to school are dependent on the ill person’s medical evaluation and COVID-19 test results. 
    • Restrict activities that involve interaction with multiple cohorts. 
    In addition, we will continue to:
    • Require staff and students to stay home when sick or if they have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19. Parents/guardians, students and staff should notify school administrators of illness and known exposure. 
    • Have a policy for daily symptom screening for students and staff; have plans for students and staff to report symptoms that develop during the day. 
    • In conjunction with the local health department, identify COVID-19 rapid testing resources (viral testing) for when staff and students develop COVID-19 compatible symptoms. 
    • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at least daily. 
    • Ensure adequate hand hygiene supplies are readily available. 
    • Implement physical distancing measures (e.g., reducing occupancy (staggered schedules, use of alternate spaces), installation of partitions/physical barriers, cancelling large gatherings/events, maintaining defined cohorts). 
    • Implement source control through wearing face coverings. 
    • Keep abreast of NJDOE and NJDOH COVID-19 guidance and surveillance indicators. 
    The entire 9/8/2020 New Jersey Department of Health COVID-19 Public Health Recommendations for Local Health Departments for K-12 Schools is available on our School Reopening Website.

    Stay well!
    Daria Wasserbach


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  • Frenchtown School Picture

    REVISED 2020-2021

    School Calendar



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  • travel
    Many of you may be planning holiday travels. Please be informed that individuals traveling to or returning to New Jersey from states with increasing rates of COVID-19 are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days. This includes travel by train, bus, car, plane and any other method of transportation.

    If you are traveling to any of the states on the travel advisory list, we need your help and cooperation. For the health and safety of our staff and students, it is imperative that you self-quarantine for 14 days before returning to school. Additional information may be found on the NJ State Website:

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  • people
    Dear Friends and Families of Frenchtown School,

    Although our recent focus may have appeared to be solely on closing out the 19/20 school year and graduation, please know that our school district, board, and administration are well aware of the difficult circumstances happening throughout our country.  We applaud the measures the Frenchtown Community has employed in their coming together to stand against inequity and injustice. We will be working with community leaders and volunteers to create plans that will directly assist Frenchtown School in continuously improving and reinforcing positive character traits such as respect, acceptance, caring, compassion, empathy, kindness, responsibility, among our educational family. We welcome your ideas and input.
    As you know, during these challenging times, one of the best things we can do for our children is to continue to model and demonstrate those positive character traits in our own homes. As a community of learners, we do our best to "work hard, be kind" every day.  It is time to demonstrate this in all we do and to support one another in doing the same.

    Our district staff members continue to be a support system for the students and their families.  Our school district is a wonderful resource for supporting families in having difficult conversations with children.  Please feel free to reach out to us as needed.  

    Here are a few resources that you may find useful:  

    Additional information is available through the NJ Department of Education. As Dr. Repollet recently stated, “Our students need us now more than ever to hear them, see them, and advocate with them to change institutionalized biases.” The NJDOE just released episode 17 of DOE Digest which covers this and other topics related to race, Black Lives Matter, and institutional oppression.  It is titled “Opening the Shades - Confronting Systemic Racism”.



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    Kindergarten Registration

    If you have a child or know of a child who will be 5-years old on or before October 1, 2021, please call the school office at

    (908) 996-2751, ext. 7209, for registration information. 

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  • ________________________________________________________________________

    If you are a student or a parent of a student (ages 3-21) who resides in the sending district of Alexandria Township, Frenchtown Borough, Holland Township, Kingwood Township or Milford Borough, you may be eligible for services.  Click on the link below for more information.  This notice also applies to migrant and homeless individuals, along with students who may be eligible under Section 504.  

    Child Find 2020

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    If you are in need of before-school and after-school child supervision, please visit the Work Family Connection website at or call at (908) 535-5935

    They are hosted in the Frenchtown School everyday.  



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