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  • Welcome to Del Val Performing Arts Boosters

     Our next meeting is Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 7:00PM.  Please come join us!


    REMINDER:  Disney 2nd Payment of $350 is due Monday, November 13, 2017. 



    If you would like to volunteer as a chaperone for band (camp, games, competitions) or work with J-Crew(equipment trailer) for the upcoming season please send the following information to Cindy Trstensky at cindydvmusicboosters@gmail.com as soon as possible so that you can get HIB trained before the season starts.  If you have 2 people interested (Mom & Dad) in becoming HIB trained 2 separate email accounts must be used!


    Full email address

    First full name (NO nicknames) – must match your license or other legal ID

    Last Name



    A direct link to the HIB training will be emailed to you from Del Val! 

    Please print out the certificate and return to Cindy Trstensky upon completion.

    Training is good for only 1 year so you will need to be recertified!




    Please try to attend the first meeting!  We will have lots of information available to parents about how they can assist in making Marching Band, Choir and Theatre a fun and enjoyable experience for your child!


    Kathie Roye, President DVPAB kroyedvrmusicboosters@gmail.com

    Cindy Trstensky, Vice President DVPAB cindydvmusicboosters@gmail.com

    Shannon Rezes, Secretary DVPAB   dvrhsperformingartsboosters@gmail.com

    Christine Diem, Treasurer DVPAB   cdiemdvmusicboosters@gmail.com



    This organization shall promote and encourage all students who participate in the Music programs, Choral Programs and Theatre Programs.   We offer services and moral support, and provide financial backing, to assist the Arts Education Directors.


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