Adopted: June 27, 2011 

    District Goals:
    1.      To expand and implement shared services where there are improvements in service delivery or fiscal efficiencies that will accrue for the district.
    2.      To increase the percentage of students who are partially proficient to proficient; to increase the percentage of students who are proficient to advanced proficient on the HSPA.
    3.      To increase the number of students taking the SATs and to increase average SAT scores.
    4.      To continue to improve communications between and among students, staff parents and community members through initiatives such as creating additional opportunities for staff to showcase student achievements, programs and best practices.
    5.      To complete draft schedule for students by April 30, 2012 with final schedule to be completed by the end of school, June 2012.

    Board Goals:
    1.    To find a replacement for the superintendent by June 30, 2012.
    2.    To recognize students and staff at board meetings.
    3.    To initiate a joint regional board member meeting to explore our common goals.