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    Mrs. Ferlauto
    Contacts: Email Address:dferlauto@kingwoodschool.org          Phone: 908-996-2941 Ext.
    Room: D-09
    Subject Areas: Math, Science, and Social Studies
     Google Classroom:
     Math for Thursday:

     Math for Wednesday

     Assignment Changed Today :Beginning of the Year Test: Numbers 32, 33, 36, 37, 38


     Click on Math Games: Is this angle acute, right, obtuse, or straight?

     Math Games



     Click on BrainPop: Watch the video on Batteries and then take the Review Quiz




      Social Studies:

     Continue working on your Lenape Project. From now on, please send all work through Google Classroom. 
     You will have until Friday, March 27th to complete it.

     **At this point, don't worry about the puzzle piece. We will do it in the near future. If you did it, great job! Send   me  a picture.

     My Philosophy on Learning
    My approach to teaching is based on the
    belief that  learning should be
    engaging and fun.  
    I accomplish this  by incorporating technology in all subject areas
    through the use of web based activities and instructional software.
     In addition, I utilize  differentiated instruction ensuring that each child is exposed to the same curriculum but at a pace best suited for them.