• Angela Hefty- Teacher of Physical Education- Grades K-8/ Health: Grades 5-8
    HEALTH 2012-13


    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,


                Welcome to Health class!  My name is Mrs. Hefty and I will be your Health teacher this year.  The Health program’s foundation is based on the Macmillan/McGraw Hill Health & Wellness series.  The topics discussed in class will be aligned with the New Jersey state core curriculum standards.  My goal is to help students learn to make wise choices, which they may face during adolescence and beyond.  Students will gain information on current health/safety issues, facts, ideas, and opinions.  Through group and individual activities, students will use their knowledge and their decision-making skills to help plan their health behaviors in various health and safety situations.


    Required Materials for each class:


                -Health folder

                -Note paper


    Classroom guidelines:

                -Use the following signals for personal requests:

    -To sharpen your pencil: hold your pencil up and wait for nod from teacher

    -To go to the nurse: hold 2 fingers up/complete sign-out sheet/complete pass

    -To use the restroom: hold 3 fingers up/complete sign-out sheet/take pass


                -The teacher will use the following to quiet the classroom:

    -Teacher will say “give me a high five”.  At this point, all students must:


    1) Have eyes focused on teacher

    2) Have quiet mouths

    3) Sit still

    4) Have hands free

    5) Listen up


    -Treat all with respect.

    -All assignments are due at the beginning of the next class (unless otherwise stated).

    -All students will arrive on time and enter the classroom in a calm, quiet manner.

    -Students must come prepared with the materials required (folder, pen/pencil, note paper).  You will not be allowed to exit the room to search for materials.

    -When class is missed, the student must find out the work due and turn it in when the teacher assigns a specific date.

    -Follow directions the FIRST time given.

    -Do not start packing up before you are verbally dismissed by the teacher.




    If a student chooses to break a classroom guideline or behave inappropriately he/she will suffer the following consequences:


    -1st warning: Student will be given a non-verbal cue to quiet down.

    -2nd warning: Name will go on the board, and seat may be changed/call home. 

    -3rd warning: Referral to principal.


    Grading Procedure:


                -Assignments:                      20%                              90-100      = A

                            Class work                                                    80-89        = B

                            Homework                                                   70-79        = C

                            Current Events                                             60-69        = D

                -Projects:                               10%                             below 60 = F

                -Quizzes:                                30%

                -Tests:                                     30%

                -Participation:                       10%                            


                                                                100% total


    Current events: Health related information that is present or has happened within the last year.  Topics may be specific to material learning in class.


    If any questions arise at any point in time, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

    Contact information:

    email: ahefty@kingwoodschool.org      phone: 908-996-2941 ext. 402 


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    Parent Signature:                                      Date:

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                                  2012-13 Middle Schoo
                       Physical Education Grading Policy

    Students are graded according to the following in Physical Education class: Preparation, Participation, Skills, Sportsmanship.  Percentages of each section are determined on amount of times we see the student per marking period.