Frequently Asked Questions  


    Kingwood School Counseling program has individual, small group, classroom and whole-school components.

    Short- term Individual Counseling: Referrals to counseling can be made by parents, teachers or students themselves (middle school).  You can expect a call from me to discuss the student's needs.  My primary counseling techniques include Cognitive Behavioral and Solution-Focused techniques.  Referrals to outside agencies will be made as necessary.  

    Small Groups: Referrals to small group can be made by parents, teachers or students themselves.  Small groups meet once per week for 6 weeks during the school day for 30 minutes.  The following are examples of small groups:

    • Banana Splits - This group is for students in grades 3-5 whose parents are separated. This group will utilize worksheets, social stories and games to learn how to manage the feelings surrounding the “split”.
    • Coping Skills - This group is for students in grades 6-8 who would like to learn and practice various ways to cope with common middle school stressors.  We will utilize mindfulness exercises, worksheets, discussion and games as tools.
    • Study Stars - There will be 2 sessions of this group.  One is for students in grades 5-6 and another for grades 7-8.  This group is for students who would like to improve their study and organizational skills.  We will engage in discussion about effective study habits, locker/bookbag cleanout, as well as making and keeping an agenda/calendar/schedule.
    • Lunch Bunch - These social skills groups meet during lunch time for grades K-4.  This group is for students who could benefit from practicing basic social skills such as turn taking, active listening, and conversation topics.  Games and discussion are the main modes of learning in this group.

    Classroom:  The School Counselor visits every classroom throughout the school year.  During classroom lessons, we focus on Character Education.  In the spring, classroom lessons focus on Career Development. 

    School-Wide programming: The counselor coordinates various school-wide projects such as Week of Respect (October), Red Ribbon Week (October) and Random Acts of Kindness Week (February). Be on the look-out for letters and communications regarding these weeks as they approach.  They often include assemblies and contests.

    Peer Leaders: A Peer Leader is a positive role model for peers that helps create a safe, respectful, and welcoming school environment. We would love to have all students who wish to participate, become Peer Leaders, however spaces are limited. There is an application process that goes out in the fall of each school year for 7th and 8th graders.



    School-Based Youth Services (SBYS) Referrals: A referral may be made to this grant-funded in-school counseling service if the needs of the student can be better met by meeting with a counselor on a regular basis for an extended period of time.  SBYS sends counselors from Hunterdon Behavioral Health to schools across the county free-of-charge.  Consent for Service and Release of Information forms will need to be completed by parents/guardians for the counselor to meet with your student.