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    The Child Study Team (CST) is a team of professionals employed by Delaware Valley Regional High School District to provide consultative, evaluative, and prescriptive services to teachers and parents for students who are experiencing significant school related challenges.
    Who are the members of the Child Study Team?

    The members of the Child Study Team, mandated by the New Jersey Department of Education, are a School Psychologist, a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant, and a School Social Worker. Also, at times, the Speech/Language Therapist may act as a member of the Child Study Team.

    What are the responsibilities of the School Psychologist?
    The School Psychologist evaluates students in order to determine a child’s level of cognitive and concept based development. In addition, the School Psychologist is concerned with the social and emotional status of the student, and how factors may affect the behavior and or ability to perform in school. The School Psychologist works with both general education and special education teachers to assist a student towards maximizing their potential within the school’s learning community.
    What are the responsibilities of the Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant?
    The Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDT-C) is trained to assist in determining the learning styles of students, to assess specific achievement levels in a variety of school-based subject/content areas, and to recommend specific teaching strategies geared towards assisting a student’s success in school. This professional is available to consult with students, teachers and parents regarding specific best practice methods designed to benefit a student's progress in school.
    What are the responsibilities of the School Social Worker?
    The Social Worker's main concern lies in assessing the student within the context of the family, the school and the community. This professional gathers information regarding the student’s health, family, and school history as it impacts the student’s current level of school functioning. The Social Worker is also the professional knowledgeable of supports available within the community that are there to help families in need.
    What are Speech and Language Services?
    The development of age appropriate speech and language skills is a crucial part of the learning process and also for a student’s social, emotional, and academic success. Effective comprehension of language, expression of thoughts and opinions, are necessary ingredients for students to be able to interact effectively with their peers and adults, and produce speech that others can easily understand.

    Speech services are provided by our Speech Pathologist for students who demonstrate a need to improve their speech and language skills in articulation, language, fluency, or voice disorder in order to cope with the demands of school.