Initiatives That Have Taken Place
    1. Oasis Freshman Orientation-In-coming freshmen were informed about and engaged in discussion about the anti-bullying law, interventions to stop bullying and an introduction to school staff and peer leaders who could provide them with assistance should they witness or be the victim of bullying.
    2. All teaching staff were provided with a 1/2 day of in-service on the need for safe schools, the relationship between safe schools and student learning, and the importance of recognizing and respecting individual differences and alternative lifestyle choices.
    3. Grade-level meetings occurred to further address the anti-bullying law and the impact bullying has on both the victim and the perpetrator.
    4. An Anti-Bullying Action planning committee has been established to explore and recommend ways to encourage proactive student behavior.  This committee will meet on a monthly basis and representative members include administrators, teachers, related services personnel, parent(s), law enforcement officer(s), and students.
    5. Adoption by the school board of anti-bullying policies and procedures.
    6. Continued staff development was presented by the district's anti-bullying specialists as part of the October In-Service day.
    7. Anti-bullying training for all district substitutes. (ongoing)
    8. Continuation of the district's Diversity Club.
    9. Establishment of a school-wide Safety Committee to review all incidences of bullying, harassment, and intimidation and to make recommendations to the superintendent and the board as necessary.
    10. Creation of a school-wide Anti-Bullying PSA video contest where the winning videos were presented and the students responsible for  them were acknowledged at the May Board of Education meeting
    Future (Soon to be initiatives)
    1. Student In-service (all grade levels) to address the impact of active vs. passive bullying by-standing.
    2. Exploration of the state department of education grants to assist in the training of staff and students.
    3. Introduction of cross-curricular themes concerning bullying, intimidation, and harassment.
    Anti-Bullying Contacts
    Anti-bullying Coordinator:

    Ms. Sandra Morisie - Special Education Supervisor
    (908) 996-2131 Ext. 6901

    Anti-bullying Specialists:
    Ms. Heather Eckhardt - Student Assistance Counselor 
    (908) 996-2131 Ext. 6209

    Ms. Amanda Matlee - Mental Health Counselor/CST Case Manager
    (908)996-2131 Ext. 6907

    Mr. Scott Woodland - School Counselor
    (908) 996-2131 Ext. 6207

    Ms. Stephanie Vorilas - School Psychologist

    (908) 996-2131 Ext. 6903

    NJDOE's School Climate State Coordinator Contact Information