The impressive appearance of a marching band begins with a unified effort to pay attention to details. A performance of outstanding quality begins when a person puts on their uniform. If minimal care is shown at that time, only a marginal performance will be given. However, if great care is demonstrated during dressing, the performance will be substantially better. If you have any questions about the uniform information provided, please ask! 




    • Do not wash your uniform. Professionally clean ONLY.
    • Do not bring your uniform in contact with any of the following substances: water/oil proofers, spot cleaners, cleaning agents, bleaches, spray deodorants, perfumes, brighteners, facial makeup, etc.
    • Do not store your uniform wet. Hang properly and allow to air dry.
    • Do not hand press for touch ups. Professionally press ONLY.
    • Dry clean frequently.
    • Do not wear your uniform over jeans, coats or other garments. This causes undo stress to the seams, buttons, and zippers.
    • Always hang up your uniform in the garment bag provided after each performance.
    • DRY CLEANING: All Tirpok Dry Cleaners locations will give Golden Regiment band members a discount to clean their uniforms. They have been provided the technical information on how to clean your uniform directly from the uniform company, DeMoulin. Please use their services.



    Shoes               Must be kept clean and worn to EVERY EVENT!

    Flags                To be kept clean pressed and rolled into flag bags.

                            If a flag becomes wet, it is to be dried, pressed, and re-rolled


    If you take a raincoat home after a performance, please hang it and let it dry. If it has been thoroughly soaked, you may need to turn it inside out. Raincoats must be returned to the HS and hung in the band closet (on the correspondingly numbered hanger) at the next MB meeting (practice or pre-performance). Do NOT put these rain coats in the dryer. They will all be sent out to be dry-cleaned by the Music Boosters at the end of the season (as necessary).


Last Modified on October 29, 2019