Child Study Team members, specialists in the area of disabilities, school personnel, and parents are responsible for identification, evaluation, determination of eligibility, development and review of the individualized education program, and placement.


    Child Study Team members include a school psychologist, a learning disabilities teacher-consultant and a school social worker. All members are employed by the district board of education. CST members participate in the evaluation of students who may need special education programs and services according to the New Jersey Administrative Code Title 6A (Chapter 14 – Special Education). Specialists in the area of disability include, but are not limited to, CST members, as well as speech-language specialists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, audiologists, school nurse, and physicians.


    CST Members and Speech and Language Specialists:

    Jennifer Bills, CST Supervisor, School Social Worker and Anti-Bullying Coordinator

    Joy Dominic, L.D.T.C.
    Andrea Damboise, CST Secretary
    Kimberly Glucksman, School Psychologist and Anti-Bullying Specialist 

    Amy Murray, Speech Language Specialist

    Sara Slack, Speech Language Specialist
    Teresa Gover, Occupational Therapist