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    Author's last name, first.  "Title of the Article." Title of Website. Sponsor of Site, Date last
           updated. Medium.  Date you found the information. <web address>.

    Lynch, Tim. "DSN Trials and Tribble-ations Review." Bradley's Science Fiction Club.  
          Bradley University,
    1996. Web. 8 Oct. 1997. <http://www.bradleysclub.com>.
    * Some websites may not provide you with everything that is listed above.  Sometimes you may also have to check the home page of a website to find the information you need. 
     * Write the day, month, year for date found and date updated.  *Use N.p. if there is no sponsor listed. Use n.d. if there is no updated date found.  
    Author's last name, first.  Title of the Book.  City published in: Publisher, Year. Medium.

    Okuda, Michael. Star Trek Chronology: The History
         of the Future. New York: Pocket, 1993. Print.