Middle School Math


    Algebra:  the branch of mathematics in which symbols, usually letters of the alphabet, represent unknown numbers;   


    Core Curriculum Standards:

    New Jersey adopted the NJ Student Learning Standards for use in 2017.  They are similar to the Common Core, but tailored to what NJ students need to know. 

    Click here to link to the NJ SLS: 



    Grades 5 & 6: In grades 5 & 6 students wrap up their learning of basic computation.  They learn to operate with decimals and fractions and are introduced to integers.  Students are also taught to use calculators for many computations.  Students also spend time working on geometry, probability, problem solving, and some basic algebra thinking including solving simple equations.

     Grades 7 & 8:In grades 7 & 8, students begin to explore more complex operations and get a more detailed introduction to algebra concepts.  Teachers review basic computation as an introduction to integers {… -2, -1, 0, 1, 2…} and rational numbers (positive and negative fractions and decimals).   Students are expected to become proficient at using calculators in appropriate situations.  The concepts of equations are introduced and explored.  Students in these grades spend much more time exploring geometry than in previous grades.  They will also strive to perfect their understanding of graphs and data presentation, and probability.


    How to Help With Homework: In middle school, your child should be able to complete homework with minimal assistance.  If your child requests help or seems confused, stay nearby and monitor their completion of the first few problems.  If they seem able to complete the work, let them go on their own.  If they are really having trouble, it's okay to help them through the first few, then let them try several on their own before checking in again.  If your child has trouble often with math homework or often spends long amounts of time (over an hour) trying to complete work, talk to your child's teacher.  She may be able to give you some tips.