Units of Study
    Grade 4: Music Notation and Recorders 
    Grade 5: Music Theory and Keyboards
    Grade 6: Instrument Families and Composers From Around the World
    Grade 7: Opera, Musical Theater, and Performance
    Grade 8: Music History 
    All students are required to bring a folder and pencil to class everyday. 4th Graders will also need to bring in their recorders for each class. 
    Thank you for your cooperation in helping your child stay organized and prepared this year! 
    PPO News
    The Polyphonic Parents Organization (PPO) is a group of music parents that support extra-curricular music activities throughout the school year, such as Alexandria Idol! The PPO invites ALL Chorus and Band parents to become involved! We hold two formal meetings during the year and we hope that you will be able to attend one of them to learn about upcoming events! 
    All of our fundraising is done through the PPO and we are proud of what we are able to accomplish and offer the AMS music students!