• Welcome to health class! Many studies show that general academic scores of students who received comprehensive health education are significantly higher than those students who received no health education. Overall, healthy students learn better by having higher attendance, better focus and concentration in school, and the confidence to perform better on academic tests.

    Course Overview:

    Students in this course at AMS will cover units that specifically meet the set AMS curriculum and state standards for health education. Students will experience and implement these units towards real world application through projects, hands on experiments, written reactions, goal setting, fitness logs, physical movement and much more. 

    As always, the importance of your child's health education is very personal and important to the development of your child. In order to answer these very important questions about health class, content, and how to access this material, please see the attachment below with a letter explaining how to find the health curriculum and where to locate the health opt-out letter. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


    Health Opt Out Form (Please return bottom half IF you choose to have your child removed)