• Volleyball StudyGuide



     Volleyballwas invented in the late 1800's by William Morgan in Holyoke, Massachusetts



     Anofficial game is played to 25

     Ateam must win by 2 points

     Inrally point scoring a team may score whether they are serving or not



     Volleyballis played by six players on eachside. The object is to send the ball over the net and within the boundaries ofa court so that the opposing team is unable to return it.



     Playerin the back right position serves from behind the end line

     Theserve may hit the net and as long as it goes over, it is playable

     Eachteam may touch the ball up to three times before sending it over the net

     Aplayer may not contact the ball twice in a row (unless they just blocked the ball)

     Aplayer may not contact the net

     Ifthe ball hits the line it is considered in

     Aball may not be held, scooped or carried in anyway



     Bump - used when the ball is belowthe chest level. Your forearms are used to hit the ball

     Set - is done by using the fingertips,usually when setting a player up to spike

     Spike - ultimate shot in volleyball,person hits down very hard with an open palm

     Serve - can be done overhand (moreeffective) or underhand

     Block - defensive position to stopspiked balls



     Theball should not be kicked, thrown or punched across the gym

     Theball should not belayed off the wall

     Whenhitting the ball or spiking the ball close to the net, you should not jump intothe net or end up on the other side of the net.

Last Modified on March 27, 2012