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    2 teams of 2

    free throw = 1pt

    rebound = 2 pts

    rebound = 3 attempts

    game of 21pts

    air ball = teams change place

    rebound in = teams change place

     2 Bounce:

    free throw = 1 pt

    shot from 2nd bounce = 2 pts

    must shoot from where ball bounced2nd time

    game to 21


    Around The World:

    shoot from various locations in asequence around the key and back

    miss a shot = can stop and nextperson shoots = continue from place where shot was missed

    miss a shot = can chance it = take abonus shot = if missed must go back to starting point

    1st player around and back wins



    can take a shot from anywhere = ifsuccessful everyone else must shoot from that location = playerwhomissed gets a letter  = spell HORSE player is out of game


    Knock Out:

    players line up one after the other

    1st two players have a basketball

    Object of game = if player behindyou gets a basket before player in front, you are "knocked out"

    last player standing wins

     3 on 3:

    Check ball at top to start game,ball goes out of bounds, non-shooting foul

    turn over = take ball back past foulline

    ball must be passed 1 time beforemaking a basket

    baskets = 2 pts

    foul shots = 1 pts

     Basic Basketball Rules:

    No traveling - walking with ball

    no double dribbling - dribblingstopping and continuing to dribble again

    foul shots = 1 pt

    basket = 2 pts

    James Naismith - inventor of game

    Jump Ball - start of game

    basketball rim - 10 feet high

    5 players on the court for 1 team

    lay up - jump off opposite foot thanshooting hand

Last Modified on March 27, 2012