• Lacrosse Study Guide

    Lacrosse has its origins with theNorth American Indians. Their game of “baggataway” had great religioussignificance. It was played by tribes in full colors. The goals were 20 feethigh and played over great distances.

    Today’s game of girl’s lacrosse isa non-contact game played by 12 girls on a team. The object of the game is toget the ball into the goal cage by running, passing, or shooting the ball withthe crosse (stick). There is a circle around the goal cage called the crease.No player may have any part of their body or their crosse in the crease before,during, or after the shot goal. The team who scores the most goals wins.

    The game is started with a draw.There are 6 attack players and 6 defense players. The high school girl’s gameis 50 minutes long (each half being 25 minutes).

    Fouls include 1. Rough or recklessplay 2. Stick checking over the shoulder (stick checking above the knee in PE) 3. Body checking  4. Stick checking near the face 5. Usinghands on the ball, or opponents stick 6. Playing the ball off your body for anadvantage (including your feet) 7. Shooting the ball into a crowd

    Penalty for fouls are called freepositions. When a foul occurs, the whistle blows and all players must standstill. For major fouls, the offending player is placed four meters behind theperson fouled (in PE they will sit out of the game for 2 or more min.). Forminor fouls, the offending player is placed four meters away (in PE a verbalwarning will be given, unless the player is a repeat offender, then the penaltywill be considered major). The person who is fouled will receive the ball andon the whistle or the word “play”, he/she may run, throw, or shoot the ball. Ifthe ball goes over the designated boundaries, the other team gains possession,unless in the act of shooting.

    In boy’s lacrosse there are 10players, 3 attackmen, 3 defensemen, 3 midfielders and a goalie. The boy’s gameis a contact sport. Players wear helmets, gloves, shoulder and arm pads, andcups. Sticks are between 40 and 72 inches according to the position played. Thehigh school game has 4 quarters of 12 minutes each. The clock is stopped everytime the whistle blows. The game is started with a face-off.

    Fouls include 1. Slashing/hittingthe helmet/head 2. Crosse checking 3. Illegal body checks 4.to many men on thefield 5. Offside. Fouls are considered to be personal or technical. A personalfoul results in a 1 to 3 minute suspension of play, and a technical foul couldresult in a 30 second suspension of play to the player who committed the foul.A team plays short during that time. Cradling is a coordinated method ofkeeping the ball in the crosse.

    During PE we will follow the girl’slacrosse rules with some modifications. Some of the modifications are: 1. A playermay not take more than 5 steps with the ball 2. A player with the ball is givena 5 foot bubble that the opposing team may not enter 3. Man to man defense mustbe played 4. Neither team may have a goalie 5. Stick checking is only allowedbelow the knee when picking up the ball 6. players are restricted to one halfof the field (we will switch sides half way through the period).

Last Modified on March 27, 2012