• References in the text should clearly state the source listed on your works cited page.  Parenthical references should be placed at the end of a sentence or at the end of a paragraph.  A reference should be placed in directly after a quotation. Here are some examples of in-text citations or parenthetical references. Be sure to place the punctuation after your in-text citation.
    Author's name in text:
    Smith has argued the point (45-47).
    Author's name in reference:
    The point has already been argued (Smith 45-47).
    Direct quotation:
    Smith believed "the book was a work of genius" (45).
    Two or more works:
    If you wish to include two or more works in a single parenthetical reference, cite each as you normally would and use a semicolon to separate the citations.
    (McRae 101-103; Smith 42)
    No pages:
    If you are citing an entire work that has no pagination or other type of reference markers, you can include in the text the name of the person that begins the entry in the works cited list.
    Carrey offers another view.
    No author:
    If the title is used in your works cited page, use the title for your citation.
    ("The Way It Is")