Kingwood Township Education Foundation



    What is the KTEF?

    The Kingwood Township Education Foundation (KTEF) is a non-profit community organization of parents, administrators and school staff that fosters and encourages creativity in educational activities by enhancing the core curriculum of Kingwood Township School (KTS) with programs not traditionally available in the school budget.


    How does the KTEF benefit KTS students?

    Twice a year, the KTEF funds innovative, teacher-proposed educational programs, which benefit our students in the form of field trips, in-school assemblies and performances, and classroom resources. These programs inspire a connection between textbooks and real-life experiences.


    How does the KTEF raise funds?

    Thanks to the support of our community, school staff, and parents, the KTEF raises funds through donations, contributions and fundraisers.  


    What types of educational activities are funded?

    Since 1999, the KTEF has funded over $325,000 in innovative programming for KTS

    Pre-K through 8th grade students.  Below is a list of some of the trips that we have funded in the past.


    • Adventure Aquarium (Field Trip; Kindergarten)
    • Red Mill Museum (Field Trip; 1st Grade)
    • Bare Book Publishing (In-School project; 1st Grade)
    • From Producer to Consumer at Howell Living Farm (Field Trip; 2nd Grade)
    • Da Vinci Science Center (Field Trip; 3rd Grade)
    • Write from the Start (In-school presentation and workshop; 3rd and 4th Grade)
    • Lenape Lifeways with John Kraft (In-School Presentation; 4th Grade)
    • History & Government of NJ at the State Capitol/Old Barracks (Field Trip; 4th Grade)
    • George Street Playhouse (In-school Presentation; K-5 Grades)
    • Kingwood Twp School Poetry Library (In-School Presentation; 5th – 8th Grades)
    • Living Lab at Alexandria Field Airport; (In-school and field trip; 6th Grade)
    • Shakespear Live (In-School Presentation; 6th – 8th Grades)
    • Music in Our School Parks Trip (Field Trip; 5th – 8th Grades)
    • Artist in Residence (In-school; music)
    • Kingwood – in the studio (In-school; music)
    • Music in our Schools – Eric Mintel Quartet (In-School Performance; 5th – 8th Grades)
    • Peer Leadership Training (In-school; 7th and 8th Grade)


    How to get involved?

    Every KTS student benefits from the programs, projects, field trips and equipment funded by the KTEF. Please consider supporting the KTEF in one of the following ways:


    • United Way - designate KTEF (Tax ID# 52-2210606) as your charity of choice.
    • Amazon Smilesgo to smile.amazon.com and designate Kingwood Township Education Foundation as your charitable donation. For more information see attached flyer 
    • Donations/Annual Giving – please consider donating through our annual giving campaign. See attached donation form.     


    KTEF Supporting Excellence in Kingwood Township School

    Tax ID # 52-2210606