• 2012/2013 District and Board Goals

    Adopted June 25, 2012
    1.    Facilitate public understanding of the district budget and the allocation of taxpayer dollars by conducting work sessions in public during the development of 2013/2014 budget. 
    2.    Using the criteria established through extensive staff and community input during the 2011/12 school year, select and employ a new superintendent to lead the district effective July 1, 2013. 
    3.    Improve articulation and explore cost savings within and among the five sending districts through regular dialog among board and administrative representatives from each district regarding a common calendar, curriculum, shared services and programs. 
    4.    Prepare for the development of a district Strategic Plan through pre-planning efforts including review of planning models, selection of a facilitator, budgeting for related planning costs and collection of baseline data.
    5.    Establish a methodology and protocols for collection of data for longitudinal monitoring and analysis of student achievement in order to guide program improvements and inform the Board and the public.