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                                                                               Physical Education Syllabus 

    Course Overview:

    Physical Education is a course at AMS that serves to teach students grades 6-8. While games, direction and skills acquired are specific to age group, students in this class are all learning to reach a common goal towards learning about their own unique physical motor movement. Within this course students are also learning important social psychological principles such as cooperation, leadership, team work and problem solving skills. Fitness will also be a major component in this class where the students will learn about specific muscle groups, biomechanics and physiology of fitness exercises. The students' cognitive understanding of fitness components will extend t individual aerobic capacity/cardio respiratory fitness, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility.  And students' will demonstrate physical performance of appropriate activities that improve aerobic capacity, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility.


    Fitness Testing:

    Fitness testing at AMS is tested three times a school year to track progress, progression and goal obtainment. The fitness tests that are administered are: wall balls, palm up push ups, and shuttle runs. (All based on overall fitness testing to encompass an endurance and strength component for both the bodies muscular and cardiovascular endurance)


    Classroom Grading, Participation/Skills/Cognitive Testing:

    Participation points will be given daily but calculated and entered in the grade book every 2 weeks. Skills testing will be administered formative (beginning of the unit) and summative (at the end of the unit). In doing both types of assessments, it allows for evidence of students growth towards skills attainment. Summative skills testing will count towards the student's grade. Skills tests will vary in points in accordance with the skills covered in that unit. Students will also take a written test at the end of each unit to test students cognitive understanding. Cognitive tests will vary in points. These tests provide information on the success of the students progress towards skills attainment and overall knowledge of actual game play.


    Overall Grading:

     Students are graded as follows:


          1 Point: Coming prepared everyday to class by dressing appropriately, trying their absolute best towards the game or skill in class, cooperation towards teacher and others, adherence to school behavioral policies.  

          1 Point: The student earns this physical activity point by participating for the entire 45 minutes of class and aiming to be in at least 50% of that class in moderate to vigorous physical activity.   

    -Skills: Students learn, practice, progress and develop their skills to the best of their abilities.

     -Cognitive: Students have an understanding of proper game etiquette, procedures, rules and scoring in order to play the game or sport.  

     (For 6-8 Only) 

    -Gym Make ups:

    If a student misses more than 1 physical education class due to absence, an extended absence, or "sitting out" they will have gym make ups where they will be given a short assignment to complete of the content that they missed for that day. Students are to complete the assignment and turn it in for the points they missed that day. (each make up, depending on the extent of circumstances, may be discussed and determined with the teacher and student)



    Students with medicals will have a 1-2 day grace period if an injury has occurred. 1st day can be a parent note and the second day can be a note from the school nurse. After the grace period students should bring in a medical doctors note, signed, to the front office explaining the injury and absence time from physical education. Students who have a medical will be given a packet of the content that is being taught for their absences from physical education. Students are to complete this packet and turn it in daily to receive points for their physical education grade. (each medical, depending on the extent of circumstances, may be discussed and determined with the teacher and student)

    Dress Code:

    Grades 6-8 will be given a locker and lock at the beginning of the school year. They are to use that locker to store their clothing. Proper clothing includes:

     Shirt, Shorts, Sneakers, Sweat pants or wind pants, Sweatshirts, Long sleeve t-shirts

    Technology in the classroom: 
    In some cases, technology will be used within the PE setting to work on varies aspects of fitness, skill analyzing, assessment and documentation.
    This will include items such as: IPads, heart rate monitors, fitness equipment and the Polar Fit Computer. 


    **Locks are the responsibility of the students 

    **Clothing must be school appropriate and rotated on a weekly bases so that clothing worn by the student can be cleaned at home

    **All clothing and items that are brought into the locker room are the responsibility of the student

    **IPads will not be allowed into the locker rooms. They will be collected on a cart before class and the students may retrieve them after class       as they leave 
    General Concerns:

     If you have ANY concerns in regards to your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact me at school. (semanchik@alexandriaschools.org)



    Ms. Semanchik



     **Second Co-op Syllabus followed by both Coach S, Coach K, and Mr. Bowman