Alexandria Middle School

                                                                                           Health Education





    Course Overview:

    Students in this course at AMS will cover units that specifically meet the set AMS curriculum and state standards for health education. Students will experience and implement these units towards real world application through projects, hands on experiments, written reactions, goal setting, fitness logs, physical movement and much more. The aim of this class is for students to be able to make positive changes in behavior that lower risks around:

    • Injury prevention
    • Mental and emotional health 
    • Nutrition
    • Physical activity/Physical fitness
    • Prevention of diseases
    • Sexuality and family life
    • Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco


    Health education has been proven to promote learning in other subjects as well! Many studies show that general academic scores of students who received comprehensive health education are significantly higher than those students who received no health education. Overall, healthy students learn better by having higher attendance, better focus and concentration in school, and the confidence to perform better on academic tests.

     Classroom Atmosphere:

     The classroom will have cooperative group and individual seating arrangements depending upon the particular activities.  Students will engage in cooperative group activities and will be encouraged to work and communicate in groups in the regular classroom.  Individual seating will be utilized for lecture and testing situations.

    4th and 5th Grade Grading:

     Students are graded as follows:

    -Participation "Ticket in the Door/Ticket out the door" (2 Points each): Coming prepared everyday to class by completing both the ticket in the door and ticket out the door (this is done to get students started on thinking about the lesson of the day and concluding thoughts when the lesson is done), being involved in classroom discussion, cooperation with other students, asking questions and participating in the daily lesson activities

    -Application (Projects/Instructional Conversations, aka ICs) (24 Points): Students complete the assignments, classwork, activities, or instructional conversations done in class to the best of their abilities with the content taught within the lessons.
    *Instructional Conversations- This is an opportunity for students to have interim content specific discussions centered around structured procedures which promotes higher level thinking towards the application of the subject matter being taught.  
    -Cognitive (Projects/Tests) (24 points): Students have an understanding of proper health etiquette and terms, procedures towards prevention or termination, and how this applies towards overall health throughout life.  

    Can include at home projects, classwork not finished at school or to bring in items such as food labels. Students will know at the end of class what homework, if any, is assigned and when it will be due by.

    If a student is absent from class, any and all missed content and work is to be made up by the student.  

    ***This is the student’s responsibility


    Health Assessment Testing:

     Health testing at AMS is based on the curriculum and state standards that have been set in place for students according to their grade level. Students will be tested three times a school year to track progress, progression and goal obtainment towards cognitive health learning. The health tests administered will be based on the student’s implementation of present and past health content learned in class.



    General Concerns:

     If you have ANY concerns in regards to your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact me at school. (908) 996-8611, EXT 261 (semanchik@alexandriaschools.org)



     Ms. Semanchik