• Models & Designs Unit Project

    As a culminating activity to our Models and Designs unit in Science, you will choose one of the following three projects below.  Please keep in mind that it needs to fit on a school-sized desk.  We will have a science fair to share your work with other grades and parents upon completion.


    ·      Invention: Design and create a new invention.  Make a conceptual & physical model of your invention.  Your journal should include notes on why this invention is needed and notes on the design process.  Do research to make sure it is a new idea. 


    ·      Re-invention:  Come up with an idea for an improvement on an existing invention.  Make a conceptual and physical model of your re-invention.  Your journal should include notes on why the existing invention needs improvements, as well as notes on the design process.  Do research to make sure it is not already invented. 


    ·      Rube Goldberg Physical & Conceptual Model: Design and build a real working Rube Goldberg Machine using your own design. Your Rube Goldberg machine should have 4-10 total steps to complete its task. Your journal should include notes on the design process.  Click here for a link to a powerpoint showing several of R. Goldbergs' conceptual models:  Rube Goldberg PowerPoint


    Your Project grade will be based on the following (see the back side of this paper):

    -       Creativity & Innovation of your ideas

    -       Quality of your conceptual and physical models

    -       Journal entries

    -       In class presentation of your project (3 minutes)




    -  Your journal should be neat, readable, and should include the date and time of entry.  Have at least 5 entries.  The journal entries should consist of notes from your research, brainstorming, sketches, rough drafts of conceptual models, and other ideas that have to do with your work and the design process.  Write down things that did NOT work out, too.

    -  Remember that conceptual models need labels, notes, arrows, explanations, etc.

    -  Make sure you look at the reverse side of this paper to see what your in-class presentation needs to include!  You will also present informally at the science fair. 

    -  Practice your presentation so that it is about 2.5 to 3 minutes long.  I will give a warning when 2.5 minutes are up, and you will need to stop at 3 minutes. 

    -  Parents and other supporters are welcome and encouraged to help in the following areas only:  brainstorming, thinking through ideas, practicing for the presentation, and the physical models.  


    Models and Designs Project


    Name______________________   Project chosen  ___________________



    1. Creativity and Innovation

                a)  Creativity                                                                             ____/10

                b)  Innovation in design                                                             ____/10

                                                                            subtotal           ____/20


    2.  Quality of models

                a)  conceptual model                                                                 ____/20

                b)  physical model                                                                    ____/20

                                                                            subtotal           ____/40


    3.  Journal

                a)  At least 5 entries with dates and times                              _____/5

                b)  Quality of entries (have you included the items in

                the “Please Read This!” section?)                                          _____/15

                                                                            subtotal           _____/20

    4.  In class presentation

                a)  Explanation of challenges                                                   ____/5

                b)  Explanation of successes                                                   ____/5

                c) Explanation of things learned in doing the project               ____/5 

                d)  eye contact, posture, voice                                                             ____/5

                                                                            subtotal             ____/ 20


    Project Total  ____/100 points