• Medical Excuses in Physical Education:


                                 EXCUSES FROM PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Medical)

    To be excused from Physical Education a student must have a note from one of the following people:

    For a 1 Day excuse, a note must come from the parents. 

    -This note must be written or sent by e-mail to the physical education teacher on the day of absence

    -This note can include an illness, common cold, injury, etc.



    For a 2-Day excuse a note must come from the nurse.

    -This note will come directly from the nurse who will have his/her own copy and the physical education teacher will have their own copy as well.

                      -This note will come the day after a parent's note for a student to be absent.


                     -While the student is in school and an illness or sickness occurs


    For a 3-day excuse, or longer a doctor's note is needed (note from the nurse that a doctor's appointment has been made)

    -This note must come from a professional physician and must include:

                            1.) The nature of the injury

                            2.) How long the student will be out with the injury 

                            3.) What restrictions the student will have, if they are still able to participate

                             4.)  Re-entry note into physical education/dance class


    Any and ALL medical notes will be given to the nurse and will be stored in the nurse’s office. The elements of the note and nature of the injury will be e-mail to the physical education/dance teacher for their files.


     Other notes:

    *Once the time allotted for the healing of the injury has expired, a re-entry note into physical education must be written by the doctor and given to the school nurse who will forward it to both the appropriate departments