Adopted: July 20, 2010
    Goal #1: Board Committee:  Curriculum
    By 2012, the district will fully utilize multiple authentic assessments to improve instruction as measured by student achievement data.  Note: The superintendent will include 2 year measurable objectives in the action plan.
    Goal #2: Board Committee:  Student Affairs

    By September 2010, the Board will determine whether to pursue or discontinue the Middle States Accreditation Project.


    Goal #3: Board Committee: Personnel and Community Relations
    By September 2010, increase Board/Staff representation at civic organizations and community functions
    By September 2010, develop a minimum of two (2) District/Community events

    c.     By September 2010, increase TV/media coverage of sending districts

    d.    By January 2011, conduct a Staff Morale/Climate Survey to obtain a baseline measure.

    e.    By June 2011, develop and implement staff/administration/board events


    Goal #4: Board Committee: Committee of the Whole

    By June 30, 2011 the Board of Education and Administration shall explore regionalization, consolidation or shared services in the following areas:

    ·                      Transportation

    ·                      Technology

    ·                      Administration

    ·                      Facilities Services

    2010/2011 Board Professional Improvement Plan
    Continuation of a 12-month system of communication that will maintain regular 2-way communication and involvement with all stakeholder groups. 

    Areas of Renewed Focus shall include: 

    ·                      Establishment of DVRHS Alumni Club

    ·                      Establishment of a DVRHS Education Foundation