• 7th Grade Math

    Math Anchor Charts:
    These are images taken of the anchor charts that were used in class the previous year. I hope that they will help when completing homework or studying for the quizzes and tests. They are organized according to the concept being learned. 
    Math Class Grading Rules:
    All student's grades are determined using the following weighted scale:
    Tests= 50%
    Quizzes  = 35% 
    Homework/Prepared/Participation = 15% 
    Study Island 
    Study Island is an online program assigned for different weeks depending on the material we are learning. I will post it in my classroom and on the homework calendar. Students are only expected to complete the assignment, which means answering all the questions. They know they are to take this seriously because it is a way for them to prepare for the PARCC and review material learned in class. Questions are asked in different formats from what they may be used to in their workbooks. I am trying to expose them to various styles of questions. They have one week to complete each assignment. It is graded based on how many questions they complete.
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  • 7th Pre-Algebra

    This is a 7th grade course designed to prepare students for Algebra in 8th grade.

    Grading is the same for all math courses at KTS.

    Each student has a textbook. Homework will be split between worksheets and the textbook.

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  • Ratio & Proportional Relationships

    Topic 1: Ratio and Rate
    Topic 2: Proportional Relationships
    Topic 3: Percents 
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  • Statistics

    Topic 14: Sampling
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  • Geometry

    Topic 10: Angles
    Topic 11: Circles
    Topic 12: 2-D and 3-D Shapes
    Topic 13: Surface Area and Volume 
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