• I am very open, flexible and encouraging to students wishing to receive extra help or review in the morning before school. Students wishing to come in early for some more one-on-one direct instruction should follow the below district policy: 
    Students who want to receive early morning help in any subject will need to follow the following directions:
    1. Send one email to myself (hughes@alexandriaschools.org), as well as Mrs. Crawford (crawford@alexandriaschools.org). The email needs to be sent BEFORE 7:00 PM the night before. 
    2. I will email you back confirming that I will be available for early morning help (as long as I don't have any meetings previously scheduled) so that your parents know you can be dropped off early. If I DO NOT CONFIRM or I am unable to, you will not be permitted to come in for extra help that morning.
    3. If you do come in for help the next morning YOU MUST FIRST GO TO THE OFFICE TO SIGN-IN!!  
    My best days for morning help are THURSDAYS and FRIDAYS by appointment. 
    Thank you! I look forward to a great year!