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    Art Department Overview: 

    The Visual Art Department exposes students to creativity, problem-solving, aesthetics and kinesthetic learning. The New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Visual and Performing Arts state as their mission "the arts enable personal, intellectual, social, economic, and human growth by fostering creativity and providing opportunities for expression beyond the limits of language." All courses in the Art Department are elective courses. It should be noted that Art courses are one semester, not full-year, with the exception of Fundamentals of Art and AP Studio Art. Art courses fulfill a student’s Visual & Performing Arts credit requirement.

    The Art Department is also an integral part of Del Val's Fine and Performing Arts Academy!


    Art Department Fees:

    In order to provide students with individual supplies that may be used in school and at home, the department is requiring that families pay a $20 supply fee per student, per class. Classes requiring the fee are listed below:
    Photography II
    Advanced Photography
    3-D Mixed Media
    Color and Design
    Drawing I
    Fundamentals of Art

    *Information regarding payment will be sent when classes begin.


    Course Offerings:
    AP Studio Art
    Ceramics I,II,III
    Color and Design
    Drawing I,II
    Fundamental of Art
    Photography I,II,III
    Kyle Tinnes, Supervisor of Fine and Practical Arts
                      DV Art Dept