Business Department


    The Business Department offers a wide array of classes to hone a student’s computer and problem-solving skills. Business classes address two of the missions of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Technology and for 21s​t Century Life and Careers. "Technology enables students to solve real-world problems, enhance life, and extend human capability as they meet the challenges of a dynamic global society​."​ In addition, these classes help to foster strong communication and presentation skills. These classes will prepare students for the 21s​t century. "Twenty-first century life and career skills enable students to make informed decisions that prepare them to engage as active citizens in a dynamic global society and to successfully meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21s​ t​-century global workplace."
    Courses Offerings:
    Computer Systems I & II
    Editorial Layout and Design
    Global Entrepreneurship and Law
    International Marketing
    Sports Marketing 
    Kyle Tinnes, Supervisor of Fine and Practical Art