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    Online Journey's Textbook, Practice Book and Leveled Readers: 
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    Lesson 1: A Package for Mrs. Jewls
    Big Idea: We never stop learning.
    Essential Question: What funny events lead Lois to Mrs. Jewl's classroom?
    Target Skill: Story Structure 
    Target Strategy: Summarize
    Grammar: Complete Sentences
    Vocabulary Strategies: Using Context
    Target Vocabulary: disturbing, interrupted, squashing, specialty, struggled, staggered, wobbled, collapsed, numb, shifted
    Vocabulary Writing Assignment: Lesson 1
    Vocabulary Review Quizlet: Vocab Review
    Spelling (Optional): Short Vowels - Spelling City
    Lesson 1 Study Guide: Study Guide

    Lesson 3: Off and Running
    Big Idea: We never stop learning.
    Essential Question: What can our differences teach us?
    Target Skill: Compare and Contrast 
    Target Strategy: Infer/Predict
    Grammar: Compound Sentences
    Complete Subject and Complete Predicate Worksheet:Complete Subject and Complete Predicate
    Vocabulary Strategies: Multiple-Meaning Words
    Target Vocabulary: debate, inflated, shaken, decorated, gradually, hesitated, scanned, stalled, beckoned, prodded
    Vocabulary Assignment: Lesson 3
    Vocabulary Review Quizlet: Vocabulary Review  
    Spelling (Optional): Short Vowels - Spelling City Link
    HOMEWORK GRID: Lesson 3
    PARCC Constructed Responses: Lesson 3 CR
    Narrative Writing: Revision Sheet
    Study guide for Lesson 3: Study Guide

    Lesson 5: Elisa's Diary
    Essential Question: How does a character learn an important lesson?
    Target Skill: Theme 
    Target Strategy: Visualize
    Grammar: Singular & Plural Nouns
    Vocabulary Strategies: Suffixes -ly, -ful
    Target Vocabulary: officially, preliminary, opponents, brutal, embarrassed, typically, gorgeous, supposedly, sweeping, obvious
    Vocabulary Review Quizlet: Vocab Quizlet
    PARCC Constructed Responses: Lesson 5 CRs , LAT Lesson 5 Graphic Organizer 
    Study guide for Lesson 5: STUDY GUIDE

    Lesson 6: Interrupted Journey
    Big Idea: Nature deserves our respect. 
    Essential Question: What effect can one person have on a stranded sea turtle?
    Target Skill: Cause and Effect  
    Target Strategy: Question
    Grammar: Verbs 
    Vocabulary Strategies: Antonyms
    Target Vocabulary: basking, analyzing, juvenile, stunned, fatal, treating, calling, ordeal, marine, intensive
    Vocabulary Review Quizlet: VOCAB Review
    Spelling (Optional):  Vowel & /r/ Sounds
    PARCC Constructed Responses: CRs 
    Narrative Take-home Writing: Writing Task Directions
    Study guide: Lesson 6 Study Guide

    Lesson 8: Everglades Forever 
    Big Idea: Nature deserves our respect.
    Essential Question: What persuades us to protect the environment?
    Target Skill:  Persuasion
    Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate
    Grammar: Conjunctions
                Conjunctions Practice Sheet
    Vocabulary Strategies: Prefixes en-, re-, pre-, pro-
    Target Vocabulary: endangered, unique, adapted, vegetation, conserving, restore, guardians, attracted, regulate, responsibility
    Vocabulary Review Quizlet: Link
    Vocabulary QR Code:  QR Code Activity
    VOCAB Assignment:  Direction Sheet
    PARCC Constructed Responses: CRs , RST Graphic Organizer
    STUDY GUIDE: Lesson 8 Study Guide

    Lesson 9: Storm Warriors 
    Big Idea: Nature deserves our respect.
    Essential Question: What conclusions can we draw about the sea.
    Target Skill:  Conclusions & Generalizations
    Target Strategy: Infer/Predict
    Grammar: Complex Sentences
    Lesson 9 Subordinating Conjunctions
    Vocabulary Strategies: Greek & Latin Roots
    Target Vocabulary: critical, secured, realization, annoyance, bundle, clammy, squalling, commotion, demolished, elite
    Vocabulary Review Quizlet: LINK
    El Faro Shipwreck: ARTICLE

    Lesson 10: Cougars 
    Big Idea: Nature deserves our respect.
    Essential Question: What are the most important ideas about cougars?
    Target Skill:  Main Ideas and Details
    Target Strategy: Monitor/Clarify
    Grammar: Quotations
    Vocabulary Strategies: Analogies
    Target Vocabulary: unobserved, available, detecting, mature, ferocious, resemble, particular, vary, contentment, keen
    Vocabulary Review Quizlet: LINK
    Vocabulary Assignment: Cougars Vocab
    Article: Cool Cats Article 
    Constructed Responses: Cougars CRs

    Lesson 11: Dangerous Crossings 
    Big Idea: History is made by individuals.
    Essential Question: What effect can one person have on history?
    Target Skill:  Cause & Effect
    Target Strategy: Visualize
    Grammar: Subject & Object Pronouns
            Practice Book - Grammar Pages
    Vocabulary Strategies: Using Reference Sources
    Target Vocabulary: cramped, distracted, viewpoint, shattered, surveyed, pressing, representatives, embark, bracing, conduct
    Vocabulary Review Quizlet: LINK
    Practice Book Pages: Lesson 11 
    Parcc Constructed Responses: Links to Prompts
    Links to Activities, Videos & Games: BlendSPACE 

    Lesson 13: Molly Pitcher 
    Big Idea: History is made by individuals.
    Essential Question: How do individual acts of bravery shape history?
    Target Skill:  Conclusions & Generalizations
    Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate
    Grammar: Regular & Irregular Verbs
    Vocabulary Strategies: Thesarus
    Target Vocabulary: legendary, formal, gushed, strategy, retreat, foes, shimmering, magnificent, revolution, plunged
    Vocabulary Review Quizlet: LINK
    Parcc Constructed Responses: 

    Lesson 18: The Dog Newspaper 
    Big Idea: Everyone has a story to tell
    Essential Question: What part do facts and opinions play in a story?
    Target Skill:  Fact and Opinion
    Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate
    Grammar: Prepositions & Prepositional Phrases
    Vocabulary Strategies: Analogies
    Target Vocabulary: career, publication, household, edition, required, formula, background, insights, uneventful, destruction
    Vocabulary Assignment: Lesson 18
    Vocabulary Review Quizlet: LINK
    Constructed Responses: Dog Newspaper CRs (updated)
    Review Game: Jeopardy

    Lesson 22: The Birchbark House by Louise Endrich
    Big Idea: Our Country is always changing
    Essential Question: How does knowing the right actions change events?
    Target Skill:  Theme
    Target Strategy: Infer/Predict
    Grammar: Perfect Tenses
    Vocabulary Strategies: Using Reference Sources
    Target Vocabulary: reasoned, margins, envy, upright, bared, spared, nerve, banish, astonished, deserted
    Vocabulary Review Quizlet: Vocab Quizlet
    Constructed Responses: Constructed Responses LINK