• A Message from Our Principal

     Greetings Frenchtown Community,

     I am extremely proud to have this great opportunity to join your school community! I am excited to begin working and connecting with students, faculty, parents and the many stakeholders of Frenchtown Elementary School.  As a resident of the Delaware Valley Community myself, I hear daily of the many great things that are happening at FES and look forward to supporting this trend with my new team.

    I am a graduate of Delaware Valley High School.  My wife and I reside in Holland Township with our two children who are currently in elementary school.  Just like many parents, I fully understand the challenges that each academic year brings and locating that right balance, which we will all know is not always easy.  A nurturing school is integral in supporting students and their families.

     As a leader in special education for most of my career, I collaborated with students, child study teams and parents to establish what approach makes sense for the most challenged student.  Likewise, as a coach in this community, I strive to match every player with a role on the team within which they can build confidence and realize new accomplishments.  Identifying the daily motivation for each student, regardless of academic level, is instrumental in determining opportunities for a child’s future.  These interests can be the foundation building block for your child as they transcend into their personal best performance as a student. 

    The Frenchtown School and Community are well known for their PRIDE. I will support that pride by collaborating with my team to ensure that each student will thrive in the classroom, extra-curricular interest, and ultimately back as a productive member in our community.

    “Every Child Learning Every Day” is our goal; one that ensures that the students of Edith Ort Thomas Elementary School will have the opportunity to learn, grow and be challenged with clear expectations every day.  I encourage all students to approach each day with a positive attitude and be open to new experiences.  One of my personal goals is to develop a relationship with each student to better understand what interests them so we can best support and prepare your child for the future.  You will be hearing this a lot from me this year:   “Be Awesome.”  My team and I will challenge each student to be their best version of ‘being awesome’  each day. 

    I want to take this moment to thank Daria Wasserbach and the Frenchtown Board of Education again for this great opportunity to lead Frenchtown Elementary School.

     I hope everyone enjoys their summer and I look forward to meeting all of you soon.  

    Best Regards,

    Jim Hintenach