• The Child Study Team is designed to identify and provide services to eligible children who are classified as disabled.  If a child is found to be eligible for Special Education, the CST will convene a meeting with the parents to develop the student's IEP (Individual Education Plan).  This legal and confidential document is developed after a student is classified and is updated every year at an Annual Review Meeting, or sooner if necessary.  Each classified student is assigned a case manager, a member of the child study team, who oversees the student's program and progress.  Students that only require Speech services will e case managed by the Speech Therapist.
    Since the IEP is a legal document, all staff responsible for its implementation must have a copy of it, familiarize themselves with the content, and keep progress notes/records.  Lesson plans must indicate how lessons are adopted/differentiated to meet the student's IEP goals. Any questions regarding the IEP should be directed to the child's case manager.  Four times a year, progress towards mastery of the goals is completed and sent home to the parents. 
    For more information on Child study Teams and Special Education, please use the link below.
    If you have concerns with your child's academic progress, please contact Ms.Romano at extension 7227.