• Kingwood Township School Muisc
    Our annual field trip to Music in the Parks - Dorney Park will be on Friday, May 27, 2022.

    Our Concert is Wednesday, May 18 at 7:00. All students attending the Music In The Parks trip to Dorney MUST attend the concert.

    Students must wear BLUE JEANS (no capris or shorts), the shirt they will receive (tucked in), and sneakers.  Once our performances have concluded and our pictures are taken, the children are free to change clothing.  They are to keep their “music in the parks” shirt on in the park so that we can all spot one another.  They should have a backpack or bag to keep their belongings in at the park but they are responsible for their own items.

    All must bring a NUT FREE lunch! - They are eating all together so please be sure there are no products containing nuts in your child’s lunch.  They should also bring money for dinner (we suggest at least $20) in the park since that is not included in the trip fee. 

    The students are permitted to bring their cell phones for emergency use only.  They may also bring along a camera, if they choose.  Each student is completely responsible for his or her own belongings.  Although Mr. White and Mrs. Niedziejko will be sympathetic to lost items – they are not responsible for them.

    Anyone who signed up to chaperone, MUST RIDE THE BUSES TO AND FROM THE SCHOOL.  This is a long day and the chaperones are responsible for their group the entire time including the bus rides.  

    Dorney order form 2022