Welcome to 21st Century Skills:

    Curriculum: In accordance with the State Core Curriculum Standards, we will be studying the following topics:
    • Public Speaking and presentation, 
    • Learning Styles and study strategies, 
    • iPad and internet etiquette and safety, 
    • Use of Pages, Keynote, Numbers and  iMovie apps on the iPad,
    • Research Skills, 
    • Creativity
    All students will be working independently during this semester. There is a monitor in the room, but no direct instruction is being given. Since all the students already have Ms. Wolsiefer for math, any questions about content or assignments can be answered through Zoom, email or asked in person during math class.

    There is no actual homework in this class, so it is crucial that students use good time management skills in class.


    Class Expectations:  The DVRHS Student Conduct Code Philosophy says it best:


    • Students should respect themselves, their school, teachers, administrators, staff, peers, property, their iPads, and the rights of others. I would add substitute teachers to that list, as I expect students to treat subs as guests to our classroom.


    • Students are responsible for their actions and must assume the consequences for their choices. I also see flexibility as a key component to good relationships, and understand that students at this age may need guidance to make good choices. 

    I am available (in order of my preference!)


    Please feel free to contact me regarding your student.


    Ms. Wolsiefer




Last Modified on September 25, 2020