Elements or CP ALGEBRA 1:

    Curriculum: We will be studying the following topics 
    • Linear Equations, 
    • Relations and Functions, 
    • Linear Inequalities, Systems of Equations, 
    • Polynomials, 
    • Factoring, 
    • Quadratics and parabolas,
    • Radicals


    We do not utilize a text, but all assignments are avaialble on Canvas.
    Class Expectations:  The DVRHS Student Conduct Code Philosophy says it best:


    • Students should respect themselves, their school, teachers, administrators, staff, peers, property, their iPads, and the rights of others. I would add substitute teachers to that list, as I expect students to treat subs as guests to our classroom.


    • Students are responsible for their actions and must assume the consequences for their choices. I also see flexibility as a key component to good relationships, and understand that students at this age may need guidance to make good choices.
    Expect 15-20 minutes of homework (on average) 4 days per week.
    I am available (in order of my preference!)


    Please feel free to contact me regarding your student.



    Ms. Wolsiefer


Last Modified on September 25, 2020