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    Bio CP 2016-2017

    Ms. Cynthia Ezzard-Sozanski

    Best way to reach me:  cynthiaezzard@dvrhs.k12.nj.us


    Grading Policy:  See student handout for updates 

    Your grade for this class will be determined by the following categories:

    ·    Tests (40%)

    .    Quizzes (20%) 

    ·     Labs/Projects/Reports (30%)

    ·     Homework/Classwork (10%) 



    40% of grade.

    • Test will be given at the end of chapters/units. A minimum of 3 tests will be given each marking period.  If you fail a test, you may make it up to a minimal passing score, within one week.


    20% of grade 
    • Quizzes will be given periodically.  The purpose of a quiz is to let you know if you’re meeting the objectives before the end of the chapter.  If you fail a quiz, you may make it up to a minimal passing score, within one week. 



    30% of grade.

    • Although you and your lab partner(s) collect identical data, the interpretations of this data will be different and your answers to questions related to the lab will not be the same. Therefore, lab reports must not be copied from either your lab partner or any other classmate. All Labs with identical reports will not be graded.
    • Some labs require calculations of various types. Write complete calculation set-ups neatly. Include all units in the set-up and the answer. Show all work, with boxes drawn around the answers or type in bold.
    • Most labs have questions regarding the data. Copy the questions down and answer in complete sentences. It is ALWAYS expected that you will explain your answers.
    • For full credit on any lab you must include your raw data. All quantitative and qualitative observations must be recorded with proper units.
    • Students must time their lab so that they are finished cleaning up by class dismissal. Points will be deducted if student(s) don’t clean up their lab area.
    • Safety goggles must be worn at all times during a lab period. If appropriate safety rules are not followed student(s) could be asked to sit at their desk for the remainder of the lab period and will have earned a 0 for the lab.
    • Lab reports should be put into your binder after they are graded and returned.



    10% of grade.

    Homework assignments will be spot checked for completeness on the day they are due or collected and given feedback. Homework is due at the beginning of class. If homework isn’t done at the beginning of class it is considered late and you will earn a 0.

    Classwork is to be completed in class and will be assigned a grade for completeness and/or accuracy. 

    Two Identical papers (or nearly identical) both get a 0. 



    Unexcused lateness will not be tolerated. If a previous teacher causes you to be late please bring a pass to class from that teacher.



    When absent, it is the student’s responsibility to complete all missing work, and make arrangements to make up any labs, tests, or quizzes. A zero will be received for any work not made up in a reasonable period of time. (Please refer to the school calendar for time allowed to make up work) When you are absent you are responsible for finding out what work you missed. Do not ask the teacher what you missed at the beginning of class because I need that time to get ready for class. Ask at a time when I am not busy or come in after school. Do not assume that I will tell you what you missed.

    ·     First ask a classmate what you missed and for any notes that were taken.

    ·     Second, give a note to Ms. Ezzard with a list of the days you were absent and ask for a list of what you missed.  (I usually need time to make a list of missing work)

    ·     If you don’t make up the missing work in the time dictated by school policy you will receive a zero.


    Laboratory work due to absence must be made up within one week unless specifically excused by the teacher. All such outside class laboratory work must be done after school or during study periods as room availability permits. In the interest of safety, all such work must be done in the presence of a teacher.


    School Closing:

    If due to any reason there is a test, quiz, homework, or assignment/project due on the day school is cancelled, it will be rescheduled the day the students return to school.


    What Ms. Ezzard Expects From You:

    Class Rules

    1)  Be in your seat when the late bell rings.

    2)  Listen attentively and respect anyone who is speaking.

    3)  Always have an iPad, pen, pencil, covered textbook, and notebook during class.

    4)  Be courteous to me and to one another at all times.  The means NO talking when anyone else is speaking.

    5)  Be honest and feel comfortable enough to ask questions during class. Please raise your hand.

    6)  Bullying, Intimidation and/or Harrassment, of any kind will not be tolerated.


     Any inappropriate actions (rude, discourteous, etc.) or violations of the class rules will result in the following:

    1)  Warning

    2)  Seat Change

    3)  Teacher Detention, Call Home

    4)  phone call to parent

    5)  Conduct report (Office Referral) 

    Note: Some steps may be skipped or added depending on the severity of the inappropriate actions.

    Meeting the expectations will result in an enjoyable working area.


    Let’s Have A Great Year!


    Topics to be covered:

    Scientific Method, Characteristics of Life


    Chemistry – Organic

    Cell – Parts and Function



    Cellular Respiration






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