• Second Grade
    Friday    1:30- 2:10
     Second Grade Topics:
       Greetings, polite words & taking leave
       Sharing names
       Numbers 1-20
       Sharing ages
       Likes and dislikes
       La clase  
    El vocabulario    
          Hola ...Adiós
    Hola                      Hello
    Buenos días          Good morning
    Buenas tardes       Good afternoon
    Adiós                     Good-bye
    Hasta  mañana    See you tomorrow
    Señor                      Mr. 
    Señora                    Mrs. 
    Señoria                   Miss.
    Por favor                please
    Gracias                  Thank you  
    De nada                  You're welcome
    Lo siento                I'm sorry
    sí                             yes
    no                            no
    Sharing Names 
    Cómo te llamas?    
                             What is your name?
        Me llamo ...       My name is....
    Cómo se llama la muchacha?
                              What is her name? 
         Se llama ...         Her name is....
    Cómo se llama el muchacho?
                                What is his name?
         Se llama ...       His name is... 
    Counting 1-20
    1         uno
    2         dos
    3         tres
    4         cuatro
    5        cinco
    6         seis
    7         siete
    8         ocho   
    9        nueve
    10      diez
    11      once
    12      doce
    13      trece
    14      catorce
    15      quince
    16       dieciséis
    17       diecisiete
    18       dieciocho
    19        diecinueve
    20       veinte 
     Un poco más:
    Extra practice?
    Make flashcards with
    the Spanish expressions on
    one side and  the English
    equivalent on   the other. 
     or Vistit Quia.com
     click on visit web.
    in the goldenrod section - find a teacher-
    Marjorie Leuschner
    click on my name and a list of activities
    will appear  scroll down the  list until
    you see  the vocabulary you want to 
    What can my student do? 
    ______ Greet teacher and helpers
    in Spanish
    ______ Give Spanish
    equivalents for  Spanish greetings
    ______ Use Spanish polite words
    ______ Ask someone for his/her name.
    ______ Give his/her name.
    ______ Count to 20.
    ______ Read the Spanish numbers
    ( 1 -20)
    _____  Solve simple equations in Spanish.
    ______ Play games using the numbers ( 1-20)