Math Owl


    Topic 1

    Dear Family,
    Today my class started Topic 1, Understanding Addition. I will learn parts of numbers through 10 and learn how to write an addition sentence. Here are some of the new math words I will be learning and some things we can do to help me with my math.

    Books to Read

    Ch1 Math  

    Addition Annie, by David Gisler

    Home Activities

    Go on a counting hunt with your child. Find 7 small items such as leaves, buttons, or paper clips. Fold a sheet of paper in half. Then have your child glue or tape one part of the 7 objects on one half and the other part of 7 on the other half. Have your child write "7" on the paper.

    My New Math Words

    part: a piece of a whole

    whole: you add parts to find the whole

    addend: the numbers you add together to find the whole