•  Welcome to Art!
    Colored Pencils
    The focus of my teaching is to create an environment in which students think and act like the true artists that they are.
    I want students to...
    • learn new skills, techniques, and media
    • feel comfortable experimenting and taking risks
    • solve problems in unique ways
    • develop goals and a plan to meet those goals
    • persevere when work gets challenging
    • maintain and respect their work environment and tools
    • find inspiration from other artists and the world around them.
    Grading Policy and Criteria
    Assignments- 50%
    Participation- 50%
    Assignments- This includes any classwork or homework assignments and projects. Most  Middle School assignments and rubrics are posted in CANVAS. Students are expected to check CANVAS for assignments and updates.
    Participation-Middle School students receive a daily grade based on participation. Each class period they can receive up to 4 points based on the following criteria.
    • Efficient use of class time
    • Appropriate effort and focus
    • Maintaining and respecting tools and work environment
    • Appropriate behavior
    Art Schedule
    Pre-K    Friday, 11:17-11:41
    K         Wednesday, 10:07-10:54
    1st       Friday, 8:33- 9:20
    2nd      Thursday, 9:20- 10:07
    3rd       Tuesday, 12:29- 1:16
    4th       Wednesday, 12:29- 1:16
    5th       Friday, 12:29- 1:16
    6th       Monday, 12:29- 1:16 and Friday, 1:16- 2:03
    7th       Monday, 10:07- 10:54 and Wednesday, 2:03- 2:50
    8th       Tuesday and Thursday, 10:54- 11:41