•  Bucket filling

    Dear Parents/Guardians:


    In our classroom, we introduce “Bucket Filling”!  The idea of being “Bucket Fillers” is based on the book, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” This idea is that we all carry an invisible bucket that contains our feelings. When our bucket is full, we feel great. When our bucket is empty, we feel sad. A “Bucket Dipper” is a person who hurts other people’s feelings, essentially dipping into their invisible bucket. A “Bucket Filler” is someone who says or does nice things for other people.  By doing this, they are filling other people’s buckets and filling their own bucket at the same time.

     In our classroom, each student has a bucket.  Everyone is encouraged to fill their bucket by being kind, following directions and complimenting others throughout their day.  This is our way of building good character by making good choices. The goal is to have students value themselves and each other by encouraging them to be helpful, compassionate, unselfish classmates.  After reading the book together as a class, we brainstormed a list of ways to be “Bucket Fillers”.   This can be as simple as helping without being asked.  When a child is being caught being a “Bucket Filler” they will receive a pom-pom to put in their bucket.  At the end of the day we will count our pom-poms; five pom-poms in their bucket means they get to pick from the treasure chest!  

    I feel that this is a wonderful way to ignite children’s desire to do caring things for others as well as assist them on their way to being self-aware individuals.  The long term goal for the children is to be a “Bucket Filler” without even thinking about it or looking for a reward.  You may even wish to use this idea in your home by identifying “Bucket Filling” acts within your family!




    Thank you for your support!