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    Preschool Supply List



    • Refillable water bottle: This will be sent home to be washed each day, please label with your child’s first and last name. 
    • Translucent Blue Plastic Two Pocket Folder 
    • Headphones/earbuds (in a large Ziploc bag/labeled with child’s name) 
    • Backpack, full size please: Although the small backpacks are super cute, they do not fit all the crafts, snacks, treasures, water bottles, and show & tell items! 
    • Change of clothing: Please pack a complete set of clothing in a bag labeled with your child’s name. We will switch them out seasonally. 
    • Lunch box: Please pack a healthy lunch in a lunch box/bag each day. Each child also has the option to purchase lunch from the school cafeteria. If your child is buying lunch for the day, please send our staff a note with their lunch of choice. 
    • Crib sheet, blanket, stuffy, pillowcase: Please send in a pillowcase filled with a crib sheet, light blanket, and if your child would like a  stuffy (special but not too special, this will be left at school).  Sheets will be sent home from school each Friday in the empty pillowcase to be washed and returned to school on Monday. 
    • Hand sanitizer
    • 1 container of baby wipes
    • 1 roll of paper towels or more if you would like! We are always looking for paper towels to help with hand washing and keeping our classroom germ free!  
    • Ziploc Bags: 1 box sandwich size and 1 box gallon size
    • Disinfecting Wipes (to clean our tables) 
    • Tissues