Homeroom Parents:  As of now, there will be no parents in school,

    all parties must have single serve or prepackaged food items. 

    Please, no homemade items, thank you!


    Pre K- Black -  Jason Faber and Jessica Jankech

    Kindergarten- Williams – Lauren Bivona and Lucia Kostesic

    Kindergarten- Sigafoos – Megan Carducci

    First- Michalski – Kimberly Vigdor and Katie Weckerman

    First- Taffera – Beth Misak and Ashley MacKinney

    Second- Mizin – Carrie Snodgrass and Elise Haring

    Second- Moss – Kelly Feldman and Taylor Tichenor

    Third- Markovich – Erin Chmill and Beth Misak

    Third- DeTample – Terah Rekowski

    Fourth- Ferlauto – Melissa Switzer and Jill Murphy

    Fourth- Hyland – Jill Murphy and Melissa Switzer

    Fifth- Johnson – Jeryn Luise and Terah Rekowski

    Fifth- Losch – Reina Bowers

    Sixth- Brooks – Victoria Swanson and Stacie Faber

    Sixth- Bill – Melissa Switzer and Joanne Petronko

    Seventh- Fleming – Bianca Velasco and Kelly Feldman

    Seventh- Grievo – Kelly Duch

    Eighth- Brooks – Tanya Drake