• How to Register for Next Year's Classes in PowerSchool

    Below are directions. Click here for a pdf document with the directions found below.


    Use the following procedure to request classes for the next year.


    1. Log into PowerSchool using a browser (NOT THE APP): https://sis.dvrhs.org/public/home.html
    2. On the start page, click Class Registration from the navigation menu on the left column. The Class Registration page appears.
    3. Click the Pencil icon to select courses from each subject. The Course Request pop-up window appears.
    4. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and click to the next page of choices.
    5. Click the checkboxes next to the courses you would like to take.
    6. Scroll to the bottom of the window, note how many courses you may select.
    7. Click Okay button when you have finished making your choices.
    • The Course Request pop-up window closes. A green checkmark appears in the area for which you selected courses.
    • Note: An exclamation mark appears if courses need to be selected for an area.
    1. Repeat Step 2 through Step 6 for each course request.
    2. Be sure to click Submit. The [Scheduling Year] Course Requests page appears.



    • A Road icon appears if a teacher has recommended the course. Click to view the recommending teacher.
    • A Note icon appears if the course contains prerequisite notes. Click to view.
    • Be careful to check the number of credits per course.
    • Note when you are finished it will show how many credits you have requested and BE SURE TO HIT THE SUBMIT
    • You may log back in to the PowerSchool portal and edit your choices.
    • Again, remember you must perform your class requests via a browser such as Safari, rather than the app; the app does not include this functionality.