• Materials for All Classes: 

      • Pencils (daily use)
      • Pens (black or blue for daily use)
      • Highlighters
      • Pencil Sharpener
      • White-out (optional)
      • Earbuds/headphones for iPads
      • Stylus for iPad (optional) 
      • Soft microfiber cloth for cleaning for iPad (To be kept at home) 



    Material for Science Class EVERYDAY: 

    • Composition Notebook (not spiral-bound)
    • Folder (designated for SCIENCE ONLY)
    • 1 pack of colored pencils, markers, or crayons (your preference)
    • Glue (1 BOTTLE; bottles are better than the glue sticks)
    • 1 Black permanent Marker
    • Scissors


    1. Be respectful to your classmates, Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Blazure, Ms. Blanton and any other individuals that enter our classroom!
    2. You must bring your charged iPad, composition notebook, scissors, glue, earbuds and folder to every class.  
    3. Do not get materials or supplies out of the cabinets without prior approval from Mrs. Hughes or Ms. Blanton. 
    4. It is your responsibility to make up work that was completed when you were absent.
      1. Be sure to check the team calendar, website and the Absent folders for any handouts.
      2. Ask a classmate to email you any notes.
      3. For every day that you were absent you will have one day to make up work.
    5. Homework should be handed in at the beginning of the period or when instructed. If you hand it in after class it will be considered late. 
    6. Only one student at a time is permitted to use the restroom. Once you receive teacher permission, sign-out using iPad, and grab a pass. 
    7. Do not use the front sink unless permitted to do so. 
    8. Do not use the sinks in the classroom unless permitted to do so. 

    Grading Policy: 

    • Tests, Lab Reports and Major Projects: 55% 
    • Quizzes, Labs and Short Assignments: 40% 
    • Homework: 5%