• Kingwood Education Foundation


    President - Nicole Vencel 
    Vice President - Kayla DeMAio
    Secretary - Diana Laskaris 
    Treasurer - Courtney Rolon
    Board of Trustees
    Beneta Letterman
    Gina Liskowacki
    Jessica Dileo
    Terah Rekowski
    Kelly Feldman 
    Stacey Faber
    Taylor Tichenor
    Christine Donaruma
    Amanda Henning
    Stacy Herbe
    Michelle Weinstock
    Elizabeth Younan
    Sarah Jarrell
    Stephanie Petraglia
    Susan Episcopo
    Mara Moran 
    Lauren Bowman

    What is the KTEF? 

    We are a non-profit community organization of parents, administrators and school staff that fosters and encourages creativity in educational activities by enhancing the core curriculum of Kingwood Township School (KTS) with programs not traditionally available in the school budget.

    How does the KTEF benefit KTS students?

    Twice a year, we fund innovative, teacher-proposed educational programs/grants, which benefit our students in the form of field trips, in-school assemblies, and classroom resources. These programs inspire a connection between textbooks and real-life experiences.

    How does the KTEF raise funds?

    Thanks to the support of our community, school staff, and parents, we raise funds through many different events (check out our events page), corporate sponsorships and private donations. 

    What types of educational activities are funded?

     The KTEF has funded over $375,000 in innovative programming for KTS Pre-K through 8th grade students.  


     How to get involved?

    * Come to our next meeting!

    *United Way - designate KTEF (Tax ID# 52-2210606) as your charity of choice            

     *Volunteer – Email: KTEF@kingwoodschool.org to serve on a KTEF committee as a Trustee

     *Annual Giving Campaign– donate at any time, click this LINK to get the form.


    KTEF: Supporting Excellence in Kingwood Township School